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 Our state of confusion makes us turn away from all the things we don’t like or are unwanted. What do we do when we face all those negative emotions and uncontrollable thoughts? When we have to deal with hopes and expectations of how we want things to be and they don´t work out. It seems we don’t know how to relate to the dynamic energy of mind, because it seems like an enemy to us. And we really only have two ways of escaping from all this state of violence and disorder: we can either exaggerate the experinece or we can deny it. When we exaggerate it, we see what  isn’t there. And when we deny it, we don’t see what is. 

So let’s start working deeply on these two aspects of our mind: exggeration and denial.

Come and join us in our next november 26th meeting to expand these interesting topics from the book: “The power of an open question” by Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel


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Activity for our next “Necklaces & Ties” Meeting:

The Healing Process

Building our own plan:

 1-   Practise Heart Coherente (balance between emotion and reason)

 2-   Address Painful Memories (EMDR) Francine ShapiroPhD . (Eye Movement Desensitization  Reprocessing). Traumatic events leave scars in our brain. The amygdala and surrounding region: the centre for fear in the emotional brain. This method enables us to recall the most painful images. Psychological digestion what Freud called “grief work”. The Mind has self-healing mechanisms. The body also registers the trauma memory information.

 3-   Manage Conflict: Effective Communication (Dr. Marshall Rosemberg).

 4-   Enrich Relationships:

 a)   Background: What happened to you? Not necessary   

to  go into details.

 b)Affect: And how doe that make you feel?

 c)Trouble: And what troubles you the most now?

 d)Handling: And what helps you the most to handle this?Turns the listeners attention towards the resources around them that can help them to cope, to take care.

e)Empathy: Help them know that we really care about them, and that they have an ally in their struggle .It is not just the pain that needs to be relieved, it’s the lonelinesss, more than anything else. Adults also need to feel lesss alone when they suffer. There’s a big difference between pain and lonelinesss.

 5-Maximize Omega 3-S: A change in diet which restores the necessary balance between omega 3 fatty accids and a other sources of fat.

 6-Get High on Exercises:

 7- Wake Up To The Sun:

 8- Tap Into your Meridians:

 9- Seek A Larger Connection:



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We have begun 2010 with two interesting and deep activities:

First, members of the group were asked to write their New Year’s Resolutions. They wrote in the center of a circle  the most important ones and gradually moving to the borders other goals and targets in mind.

Secondly, in another circle, they had to write in the center the qualities and resources they count on for getting their objectives and the ones they don’t have or shoul have closer to the borders.

Finally, the group join in an interactive conversation which brought up new insights and self-awareness to all of us! Thanks for sharing with us!


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