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Our repetitive suffering does not come from the uncomfortable situation of feeling our bodies and faces tense and as if we had a lump sitting in our stomach, that can physically hurt – this experience itself is not a problem.

Our repetitive suffering comes from what happens next, when we are spinning off , or getting swept away. It comes from rejecting our own energy when it comes in a form we don’t like. It comes from continually strengthening habits of grasping and aversion and distancing ourselves. In particular it comes from our internal conversations – our judgements and labels about what’s happening.

from:”Taking the leap” by Pema Chödrön


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“To be in relationship to what you are going through, to hold it, and, in some sense to befriend it – that is where the healing or transformative power of the practice of mindfulness lies. When we can actually be where we are, not trying to find another state of mind, we discover deep internal resources we can make use of. Coming to terms with things as they are is my definition of healing.

Jon Kabat- Zinn (Shambhala magazine)

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Necklaces & Ties coming meeting! September 25th at 10.30 A.M.

We are planning to celebrate spring talking about our accomplishments and blocks in our third year of  recovery process. What have we achieved? What do we have to go on working on …

It is in this moment of the year when nature offers us all its wisdom, showing the transformation of the dry and leafless into beautiful blossoms of new colour and new life. Let’s learn from nature and let’s change the dry, the muck into growth!

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When your health is good and you are highly fit, then you might be even more well equipped to conduct madness, to propagate your madness any way you can. The minute you get hit by sickness, inconvinienced physically, you feel, “Maybe I’m doing something wrong.” But when you have been cured, you may feel that you are okay. Then you can once again propagate all sorts of madness. So in being cured or in the process of curing, it is always necessary to take on the greater responsibility of not creating the fundamental disease, or madness. Madness is the result of not being able to synchronize body and mind together properly.

(from the book: The Sanity We Are Born With, by Chogyam Trungpa)

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Last Saturday meeting was very nice. We were working hard, as usual, exchanging points of views on health, sickness and madness. Based on the book: “The Sanity We Are Born With” by Ghogyam Trungpa.


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“Stop polluting our bodies, our souls and they will take care of themselves! Given the chance, and enough time, they purify their essences! They tend towards homeostasis, towards balance. They have in fact an instinct to heal.”

(from the book “Healing Without Freud or Prozac”, Dr. David Servan-Schreiber)

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Activity for our next “Necklaces & Ties” Meeting:

The Healing Process

Building our own plan:

 1-   Practise Heart Coherente (balance between emotion and reason)

 2-   Address Painful Memories (EMDR) Francine ShapiroPhD . (Eye Movement Desensitization  Reprocessing). Traumatic events leave scars in our brain. The amygdala and surrounding region: the centre for fear in the emotional brain. This method enables us to recall the most painful images. Psychological digestion what Freud called “grief work”. The Mind has self-healing mechanisms. The body also registers the trauma memory information.

 3-   Manage Conflict: Effective Communication (Dr. Marshall Rosemberg).

 4-   Enrich Relationships:

 a)   Background: What happened to you? Not necessary   

to  go into details.

 b)Affect: And how doe that make you feel?

 c)Trouble: And what troubles you the most now?

 d)Handling: And what helps you the most to handle this?Turns the listeners attention towards the resources around them that can help them to cope, to take care.

e)Empathy: Help them know that we really care about them, and that they have an ally in their struggle .It is not just the pain that needs to be relieved, it’s the lonelinesss, more than anything else. Adults also need to feel lesss alone when they suffer. There’s a big difference between pain and lonelinesss.

 5-Maximize Omega 3-S: A change in diet which restores the necessary balance between omega 3 fatty accids and a other sources of fat.

 6-Get High on Exercises:

 7- Wake Up To The Sun:

 8- Tap Into your Meridians:

 9- Seek A Larger Connection:



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