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by Atisha Dipamkara

In the language of India: Bodhisattvamaṇyāvalī
In the language of Tibet:
byang chub sems dpa’i nor bu’i phreng ba
In the English language: The Jewel Rosary of the Bodhisattvas


Homage to great compassion!
Homage to the masters!
Homage to the deities who inspire devotion!


Put aside all doubt and hesitation,
And take delight in earnest practice,
Abandon entirely lethargy, dullness and laziness,
And exert yourself constantly with enthusiasm.


With mindfulness, vigilance and carefulness,
Guard the doors of your senses at all times.
Again and again, thrice by day and by night,
Examine the continuum of your mind.   (to be continued)


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We enjoyed a very good and enthusiastic party last Saturday! We had a guest from U.S.A. visiting us! It was a great experience! New members are welcome to join us.

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