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We were working on Mindfulness. Exploring different topics to help us be more alert and aware in our everyday life.

1) Accept responsibilities for our own actions, even the most insignificant ones. We have the habit of not assuming our mistakes, but we are always very conscient of our victories, especially when they don´t belong to us.

2) Availability: It is usless to be accessible all the time for the others, as it is usless to be hiden when everybody knows where we are. Alternating these two states, we don´t get tired  senseless and we don´t make the others feel tired of our presence.

3) We don´t need to look for approval in the eyes of the others. We have to be coherent with our own actions, attitudes, and values. It is necessary to look inside for approval not outside, we need to feel confident and trust ourselves.

4) It is essential to be fully conscious of who we are and how we act. It is useless to complain and be sad, saying that somebody else is making us feel that way. Nobody is doing anything to anybody, and least of all, if we are in deep contact with our inner strength.

5) There´s always a tiny bit centimetre of luck at our reach. The real art consits in letting us flow and use it.

All of us possess and inherent power to get some things. The real secret would be in deviating the energy wich we put into our weaknesses and employ it in our real life goals.


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Our 3rd anniversary birthday party turned out to be a very good moment to share our experiences throughout all these years! We enjoyed seeing that some of our goals have been achieved but above all the excellent tools and resources we have got since we started working on this recovery process! Everybody felt very happy to keep growing and learning!

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It is a fact that it is necessary to face up the reality of our lives if we want to move ahead. We need to have an eye for details and believe in synchronicity in order to accomplish our goals.

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When we are really honest with ourselves we must admit our lives are all that really belongs to us. So it is how we use our lives that determines the kind of men we are.

Cesar Chavez

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We enjoyed a very good and enthusiastic party last Saturday! We had a guest from U.S.A. visiting us! It was a great experience! New members are welcome to join us.

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Taking Refuge and Protection for all our Fears and Insecurities:

We ask for guidance, support, nourishment and comfort. To be awaken to the potencial of our inner resources.
We ask for wisdom, love,health, courage and compassion… and the possibility of embodying these qualities. So that we can live in the light, clarity and with positive thoughts, putting all our confidence and energy in the things that are real, are valuabe and are possible.
                                         from the book: “Living Without Regret” by Arnauld Maitland

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At any moment, at any age, we can wake up.

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