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 Our state of confusion makes us turn away from all the things we don’t like or are unwanted. What do we do when we face all those negative emotions and uncontrollable thoughts? When we have to deal with hopes and expectations of how we want things to be and they don´t work out. It seems we don’t know how to relate to the dynamic energy of mind, because it seems like an enemy to us. And we really only have two ways of escaping from all this state of violence and disorder: we can either exaggerate the experinece or we can deny it. When we exaggerate it, we see what  isn’t there. And when we deny it, we don’t see what is. 

So let’s start working deeply on these two aspects of our mind: exggeration and denial.

Come and join us in our next november 26th meeting to expand these interesting topics from the book: “The power of an open question” by Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel


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If I accept my reality, what it is, I will feel better.

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Few days ago I was reading my second morning pages´ notebook and I discovered something that I want to share.
I´d written: “Thinking about the same thing over and over again it´s a way to be block”.
Nowadays I add it´s a way to torturing ourselves, self-defeating.
What can I do to change this obsesive attitude and refocusing this energy in a good way? Acting! Doing something, something like going for a walk, watch a tv show, reading a book, whatever. Something that takes the problem out of our minds. And basically try to realize this attitude, be open to liberate this thoughts.

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