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We were working on Mindfulness. Exploring different topics to help us be more alert and aware in our everyday life.

1) Accept responsibilities for our own actions, even the most insignificant ones. We have the habit of not assuming our mistakes, but we are always very conscient of our victories, especially when they don´t belong to us.

2) Availability: It is usless to be accessible all the time for the others, as it is usless to be hiden when everybody knows where we are. Alternating these two states, we don´t get tired  senseless and we don´t make the others feel tired of our presence.

3) We don´t need to look for approval in the eyes of the others. We have to be coherent with our own actions, attitudes, and values. It is necessary to look inside for approval not outside, we need to feel confident and trust ourselves.

4) It is essential to be fully conscious of who we are and how we act. It is useless to complain and be sad, saying that somebody else is making us feel that way. Nobody is doing anything to anybody, and least of all, if we are in deep contact with our inner strength.

5) There´s always a tiny bit centimetre of luck at our reach. The real art consits in letting us flow and use it.

All of us possess and inherent power to get some things. The real secret would be in deviating the energy wich we put into our weaknesses and employ it in our real life goals.


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 Our state of confusion makes us turn away from all the things we don’t like or are unwanted. What do we do when we face all those negative emotions and uncontrollable thoughts? When we have to deal with hopes and expectations of how we want things to be and they don´t work out. It seems we don’t know how to relate to the dynamic energy of mind, because it seems like an enemy to us. And we really only have two ways of escaping from all this state of violence and disorder: we can either exaggerate the experinece or we can deny it. When we exaggerate it, we see what  isn’t there. And when we deny it, we don’t see what is. 

So let’s start working deeply on these two aspects of our mind: exggeration and denial.

Come and join us in our next november 26th meeting to expand these interesting topics from the book: “The power of an open question” by Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

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Last Saturday our group had a beautiful picnic meeting! We all shared lovely moments sitting on the grass under tall shady trees… We worked hard, as usual, on very deep and moving topics such as: “what to do when we are caught up in emotional distress.” Even though the seriousness of the reading and conversation, we were able to connect with a good sense of humour so important to help us when we are thrown into “cognitive shock”.

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“Insight and love, they are the same. Insight brings love, and love is not possible without insight.”

“There is a deep tendency in us to seek pleasure and avoid suffering. In that way we aren’t aware of the danger of pleasure-seeking because there is ignorance in that. We aren’t aware of the danger of pleasure and do not know that suffering has its own goodness. It is good to experience some suffering, because when you suffer you develop compassion and understanding.”

( from: ” Love and Liberation”, by Thich Nhat Hanh.


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Ralph Hodgson. 
 Time, You Old Gipsy Man

TIME, you old gipsy man,


  Will you not stay,


Put up your caravan


  Just for one day?


All things I’ll give you


Will you be my guest,


Bells for your jennet


Of silver the best,


Goldsmiths shall beat you


A great golden ring,


Peacocks shall bow to you,


Little boys sing,


Oh, and sweet girls will


Festoon you with may.


Time, you old gipsy,


Why hasten away?


Last week in Babylon,


Last night in Rome,


Morning, and in the crush


Under Paul’s dome;


Under Paul’s dial


You tighten your rein—


Only a moment,


And off once again;


Off to some city


Now blind in the womb,


Off to another


Ere that’s in the tomb.


Time, you old gypsy man,    

Will you not stay,

 Put up your caravan

      Just for one day?












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Here’s the author of one of the books we are currently reading, explaining us the importance of asking questions!

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If a person regards sickness as an enemy, then his body has no working basis to be well. He thinks his body is invaded by enemies and he goes to the doctor to get rid of these foreigners occupying his castle. And once that’s taken care of , it’s all over. So no relationship is established. There has to be more emphasis on creating an atmosphere of help. Sickness is a message, and it can be cured if the right situation is created.

(The sanity we are born with by Chogyam Trungpa)

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