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Starting something new is never easy, and Jan woke up feeling very nervous

Composition: (120 to 180 words)


Starting something new is never easy, and Jan woke up feeling very nervous. That Monday appeared as a typical rainy winter day. She chose her favorite jeans, a light pink sweater and decided to wear her rain boots.

She felt that the image that her mirror reflected was the correct one according to her feelings; she needed to show him the best aspect of herself: “ a modern, natural and loyal woman”. She knew that his first impression would be the beginning of their relationship. She hoped he would fall in love with her immediately… Jan was full of expectancy and when the clock struck ten, she realized it was time to leave. She walked the ten blocks to his apartment with her heart beating hard.

She knocked at the front door softly. Then she was able to hear steps approaching and in a few seconds she saw a young blond woman carrying the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. She looked deeply into his eyes. He smiled broadly at her  letting his pacifier fell down. “It was love at first sight”, no doubt.

Her first job as a baby-sitter would be an unforgettable moment in her life.


Written by Silvia


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