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We were working on Mindfulness. Exploring different topics to help us be more alert and aware in our everyday life.

1) Accept responsibilities for our own actions, even the most insignificant ones. We have the habit of not assuming our mistakes, but we are always very conscient of our victories, especially when they don´t belong to us.

2) Availability: It is usless to be accessible all the time for the others, as it is usless to be hiden when everybody knows where we are. Alternating these two states, we don´t get tired  senseless and we don´t make the others feel tired of our presence.

3) We don´t need to look for approval in the eyes of the others. We have to be coherent with our own actions, attitudes, and values. It is necessary to look inside for approval not outside, we need to feel confident and trust ourselves.

4) It is essential to be fully conscious of who we are and how we act. It is useless to complain and be sad, saying that somebody else is making us feel that way. Nobody is doing anything to anybody, and least of all, if we are in deep contact with our inner strength.

5) There´s always a tiny bit centimetre of luck at our reach. The real art consits in letting us flow and use it.

All of us possess and inherent power to get some things. The real secret would be in deviating the energy wich we put into our weaknesses and employ it in our real life goals.


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Participant N° 2

Trying to cope with the vulnerabilities taht affect our daily routine is never easy:

This vulnerability is calling my attention these days. Why do I feel so sensitive? I´ve been asking myself: Is  my problem really so terrible? Or is it my way to see the reality?

I think  it is time to take notice,  to find a balance and not to feel so vulnerable in the every day routine.

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In our last meeting we went on connecting with our creative growth, as well as improving our writing, reading and speaking skills. The activity planned was to write about one of the following topics and then comment on them:

1) Dealing effectively with mistakes is never easy…

2) Developing self-compassion and self-acceptance is never easy…

3) Communicating effectively is never easy…

4) Living in contact with our own reality is never easy…

5) Trying to change negative thoughts, patterns and attitudes is never      easy…

6) Trying to cope with the vulnerabilities that affect our daily routine is never easy…

7) Trying to connect with our deep and dormant wishes is never easy…


Participant N°1:

Trying to connect with our deep and dormant wishes is never easy… how many times have I said those words in my life? And the fact is, that I kept telling myself that this is so… and if it is not easy why should I bother to waste my so “valuable” time?

Do I have any clue about what a wish is? Or at least, have I ever challenged myself to connect with something deep and dormant, that if existed, should be buried and full of dust in some old and rusty compartment, which would make it almost impossible to find?

To be faithful to whom I believe I am, first of all, I have to stop complaining and making excuses for not been able to write. Yes, that’s it “to write”, as since  the beginning of this essay, that has been the only wish which has been resounding in my heart. “Writing” and “Reading” are the strongest wishes I have ever had.

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Writing skills:


Starting something new is never easy, and Jan woke up feeling very nervous

Composition: (120 to 180 words)


Starting something new is never easy, and Jan woke up feeling very nervous. That Monday appeared as a typical rainy winter day. She chose her favorite jeans, a light pink sweater and decided to wear her rain boots.

She felt that the image that her mirror reflected was the correct one according to her feelings; she needed to show him the best aspect of herself: “ a modern, natural and loyal woman”. She knew that his first impression would be the beginning of their relationship. She hoped he would fall in love with her immediately… Jan was full of expectancy and when the clock struck ten, she realized it was time to leave. She walked the ten blocks to his apartment with her heart beating hard.

She knocked at the front door softly. Then she was able to hear steps approaching and in a few seconds she saw a young blond woman carrying the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. She looked deeply into his eyes. He smiled broadly at her  letting his pacifier fell down. “It was love at first sight”, no doubt.

Her first job as a baby-sitter would be an unforgettable moment in her life.


Written by Silvia

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In one of our writing skills groups some students are sharing with us their interesting compositons. We encourage all of you who enjoy writing to join us as well!

Writing Skills:

Title to be developed: “Starting something new is never easy and Jane woke up that morning very nervous”.

Starting something new is never easy and Jan woke up that morning very nervous. Even though she had been planning it for two years, her unexpected anxiety was growing moment by moment, but  her decision had already been made, what was more, in a couple of hours she would begin her new project.

 After a brief and quick cup of coffee she got the car´s key ready to go to her brand-new  business launching party. Surprised by the sound of the telephone, Jan answered it and  heard the bitter news. She couldn´t contain her tears full of sorrow when she learnt that the authorization to open her new store had been postponed.  To sort out that problem she was rushing to and fro while she kept on thinking: “Why starting something new could be so difficult?”  Fortunately, late in the afternoon she was able to fix the obstacle in the path towards her plan. In spite of the fact that she had been running, arguing and working so hard to make her dreams come true Jan was radiant and  self-confident.

Finally the new place was opened with a stunning decoration, modern lamps creating a classy personal touch and well chosen music that invited people to enjoy the delightful stand. Nevertheless, from time to time she went on wondering why there were so many hurdles on the way, to achieve something new. Deep down from the bottom of her heart she knew that the secret  was: “Never to give up”.

Written by Ana

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Our members keep  sending us the activity done in our last “Necklaces & Ties” meeting. In this opportunity,  the poem  sent is the one which has been adapted after listening to all the others. Excellent result!!!

“Looking for a moment of s

 running out of my bed

meeting nice women , sharing a group

which makes me feel better, restoring my health.

Dreaming of a best life-style

hoping for it as a child in Christmas Eve

preparing myself with effort

coping with my resistance to be happy

transforming my thoughts in energy.

Getting rid of sadness

with less old tears and more new smiles

going through difficulties

achieving my goals wisely

shining with the sparkles

of an adult modern woman

with the real age of my soul.


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We’d like to share one of our “Necklaces & Ties” member’s great achievements. While working on the creativity course: “Recovering our Creative Growth”, based among others, on the book : “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, she discovered one very deep and hidden longing: to become a theatre artist… some years have passed by and here she is:

Congratulations María Pía for this beatiful theatre show! Keep it up! We feel thrilled with your creative goal!

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